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always remember the pact that we made   
07:47pm 16/11/2005
mood: excited
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05:44pm 13/11/2005
mood: amused

vabs needs YOU. go and help us save it. Please. go and post lots of things on the message board, and do like vabs type things. I dunno. discuss it there. it needs saving. DO YOUR BIT FOR THE WODEROUS WEBSITE THAT BROUGHT ALL US VABS INTO YOUR LIFE.
"whats with those shorts josh?" "what's not with them?"   
04:01pm 12/10/2005
mood: knobish and immature

Last nights adventures in Paddington Land....

Josh wore shorts on stage and looked like the village idiot.like properly like one. com-ed. I very much surprised them with my presence in glasgow. well, appart from josh who knew I was coming as he "sorted me out" in a manner of speaking. and tom, because I think surprise is an emotion beyond him. He only has two or three facial expressions. "fucked" "proper fucked" and "singing". Lloyd didn't really know what to make of me being there, for a while. Josh's girlfriend is different to the girlfriend he has in london. Lloyd actually has a girlfriend. She's pretty. They seem totes happy. Grant gave me a fred perry jacket, which I will wear for ever more in his honour, as he is what is commonly know as A FUCKING LEGEND. the bouncers at garage are knobends. as is the promoter. as is whoever set off the fire alarm. They have a very large posho bus, which is totes buff. TOTES buff. errr. I spent to much money, and had some of someone's cigarette, which is why my throat hurts today. padds had to ENCORE, due to popular demand. they broke my glasgow-gig cherry. broke/took? it was good anyway. and then we went to sleazys for drinks and saw jaaangles and then they left and we went a dacing and we saw kirrie and JENNA who I am in love with because she said I can come and RIDE HER HORSES. SHE HAS HORSES. I GET TO GO RIDING. I love glasgow like a flannel. all over my face. more padds excitement. they get all their clothes for free. their driver isnt very nice. marvellous' hand looks totes gross but he was looking totes buff and very slimlined. buffness. "remember when no one came to see us and we played the rhythm factory all the time?" "yeah" "well its not like that anymore". dancing was good. I fell over on my knees but I found a week bus pass which made it all totally buff because that meant that I got to go see my superbuff paddingtons for free and got some free/reduced drinks and a free (apparently expensive) jacket and a buss pass valid until the 16th. I am like the wolf with my happiness. and I had suuuppaaah buff soup for lunch, and brakes are on the radio of 6 and and and and and and and THE RAKES are playing soon and I'm gonna be dancing all over alan like a mental patient and padds are supporting the bravery RARRRR so I get to go to that and and and I have an interview for a job tomorrow and the only thing that isnt good is that househunting up here is impossible because we basically can't all live together. we are going to have to be inventive with our living arrangements. i.e. probably not all live together. gay.

oh and I met that setwey from killcity, who is a very pleasant chap indeed and does being fakemarv quite well. he doesnt even mess up his guitar parts of anything. he's not as buffting as marvvellous though. its a shame they cant both be in the band. stewwys accent doesn't fit mind. and I dunno. he's just not a paddington.
they're getting £3000 to open a shop up in glasgow next month. thats a lot of money. just to open a shop. I was so shocked that I said this "fuckin ell. I'm gonna start a band then, you cunts get everything. shame I cant sing or play an instrument" "it hasn't stopped us" yes.

miaw miaw miaw the paddingtons my very good old friends the paddingtons did I mention we've been friends since forever?oh and what loooovely hugs they gave me miaw miaw miaw
LOVE xxxxxxxx
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so many roads bear your name   
02:58am 10/10/2005
mood: cold
a longer entry than intendedCollapse )
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by the way   
01:40am 19/08/2005
  I don't have a mobile phone since someone nicked it (and I broke it in the sea, anyway), so texting me is relatively pointless

I do however have a sim card, so if you DO text me when you mean to text someone else, talking about me, I can still recieve it when I put my sim card into a friend's phone, thanks.

I will be found on email. I think I'll quit interweb forums too, being as I am trying to get rid of that kinda thing.

I'm going on the 12th, but I'll be back for the 17th I think, for flook, to see the cool cats that are travelling down.

don't cry for me, argentina

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03:19pm 18/08/2005
mood: drained
Dear everyone,

I have made the decision to depart london for a few months, to get my head together. I was thinking about it before we found our house, and with jo not being able to come down it made me re-think the situation.

I'm a fair bit depressed here and I really need the break, I need to be in the countryside.

I might come back once my head is more together, and I'll definately visit.

we'll always have the interweb

(I'll be found in cardiff, or staying with scopes in exeter)

I'm going in about 3weeks I suppose.

oh, and this is the end of this lj.

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04:03pm 14/08/2005



are my hliday photos. I couldn't fit them all on stolenstuff so some are on pirateadventures.

they are good.

I like the sky falling ones. and pirate hat. and francois, who is the love of my life. (I stalker photo'd him) I love him. ddavid is much prettier than in that photo.

that is all.

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12:43pm 11/08/2005
mood: heartbroken
yes, back a wee bit early because someone stole everything I own.

no, really, everything I had with me apart from a plastic bag and a parasol.

we had to sleep outside barcelona station the night before last, because there was no way of getting to paris (after it taking 12 hours to get the 2 and a half hour journey from benicassim)

so anyway, I locked my bag and rucksack to each other, put them next to me going "no one's gonna have that away", put my arm through the strap and went to sleep on my towel. I woke up a few times between midnight and 4 (the station opens again at 4.30), made sure I still had hold of my bag. maybe when I woke up at 4am I forgot, or i didnt put it enough around my arm, who knows, because at 4.20 a girl woke me up saying that someone had taken my bag.

I hate spain so much, I have had the worst two days of my life, the 24hours before my bag got nicked were fucking awful and then it managed to reach new lows.

yeah, so me and jenn managed to get home from barcelona with 5euros and £7 between us (er and her dad booked us flights). magic.

anyway, so I am back, I have no things, but it would be great to see people like.

today I shall be mainly sitting in the park and trying to get my head around it some more.

I had loads of cool shit to show everyone, and I'd gotten loads of postcards and presents and written letters to people and it's all fucking gone.

aaanyway, yes, I fucking LOVE LONDON.

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10:07am 03/08/2005
  wont be online for a while, cos I am going to benicassim, so FUCK YOU ALL

haha. i cant bloody wait. its even worth the 21 hour train journey. *shudder*

mmmmm tea.
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12:45pm 29/07/2005
  Glitch Kitten  
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krakow at the moment.   
01:07am 26/07/2005
  I was gonna write a long update about how things have been going, and with stories and things, until I get here to find that I have like two whole emails in my inbox, one of which was bloody traffic or some rubbash, and I spent AGES emailing LOADS of people the other day. I'm gutted. I'm so fucking tired, the night train from budapest was horrid, our hostel is full of not good people and I wish I was back in budapest, and because I'm so tired I'm getting all emo and all I wanted was an email or two from some people back home and oh shut up rhiannon.

I am having a wicked time, I am jsut so tired I might die. we have to book hostels though, and I am avoidng our dorm due to Very Odd Males.

there we go I jsut did an email, good lady. I am so tired. I am going to bed.

pipe down missy

i miss you lot.

email me please.
I love yous xxx

krakow is cool.
budapest is home.

I am going to BENICASSIM (if we can book tickets SOMEHOW)

01:12pm 13/07/2005
  can someone send me a gmail invite please?or two?it's URGENT.

i've been sacked cos I forgot to clear my holiday with our general manager bloke who is a tosser. i'll have to go back to cardiff when I get back from travelling. and I cant afford to pay my rent when I am away so fuck knows what I'm gonna do.
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01:21pm 07/07/2005
  I am ok, my boss literally just missed the tavistock bus explosion because he had crossed the road. all vabs are ok. husbands (rich mardou not included) are ok.

I want to help
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04:47pm 06/07/2005
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04:13pm 30/06/2005
mood: tired
driven to a lyric me-meCollapse )
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11:58am 11/06/2005
mood: chipper
1) What's the first word that comes to mind when you think of me?
2) Go to http://images.google.com/ and search for that word.
3) Reply to this post with one of the pictures on the first page of results (don't tell me the word).
4) Put this in your own blog so that I can do the same.

knock yerselves out. I want MAXIMUN comments please.
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10:55am 09/06/2005
mood: looking fer a tent
Does anyone need a coach ticket for glasto? the ones jess booked? or are refunds possible? I've got me a lift like. I need to get rid of it baaadly

12.00, Victoria to Glastonbury, Wednesday 22nd June
> 14.30, Glastonbury to Victoria, Monday 27th
> £31.60

11:23pm 05/06/2005
mood: salamanderwolfpanda
alice has made me happy like the wolf, and emotional like the COD because of this website


finally someone understands the stupid hands of the dinosaurs, and there is a lesbian one which is like salamanders and there are so many and I am crying like the fucking pea because of it.

oh and check le org too.

Many Many happies like the wolf.
03:18pm 31/05/2005
mood: bit os a twattish mood, really
It's a me-me revolution.

this is MY kind of me-me,and I want you all to answer it, because it is funny.Collapse )
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05:04pm 25/05/2005
mood: tired

i've spent ages updating from sheffield

I've got like 300 photos, mainly variations on the ones in my photobucket. go look. they are supabuff.
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